Midland Langar Seva Society

Guru Nanak Langar Bus


buying cytotec with no rx HELP FUND A GURU NANAK LANGAR BUS

Midland Langar Seva Society serve hungry people langar on the streets of the UK and India EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The team average around 5000+ meals a week, and have been an amazing example of the Sikh ethos to the wider community for three years now. Dozens of their team will be participating in a charity walk to help take this seva to a new level.

Any Donations would be so helpful and would go a VERY long way. From 1p to £1 it will make ALL the difference to someones life and especially their overnight conditions in winters.

YOUR contribution will help get the GURU NANAK LANGAR BUS well on the road ..

Lets take Guru Ji’s given langar as far as we can.


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